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Louis Marine Equipment Sale has been fully involved in the marine industry for over 2 decades.  For us,
safety and protection are a way of life and at the top of our priorities.  We are equipped with experts in
the field and we are fully stocked with products and options to ensure that our customers feel safe,
secure and confident to conduct their daily operations while onboard of their vessels.
 We are leaders in supplying our customers with superior quality, and only top of the line equipment, as
well as with proven solutions for fire protection and firefighting, general marine products, lifesaving
products and survival equipment to list a few.  From lifejackets including inflatable, foam, hybrid, to
buoyancy aids, lights, spares and accessories, we carry and service a comprehensive line to respond to
our customers needs anywhere in the world, 24/7.
 Among our life saving products we have a wide array of life jackets from well-trusted brands, for which
we also offer support, servicing and repairs when applicable or needed. Our experienced technicians
come onboard vessels that are either at port or at sea and carry out annual certification and annual
testing of SOLAS approved lifejackets as per the guidelines set by their OEMs and other regulatory
entities of the maritime industry.

Life Jacket
Life Jacket