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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) are
instruments worn during rescue/escape situations to provide breathable air in an immediate danger to
life and health atmosphere caused by smoke, fire, and gas leaks among others.  At Louis Marine
Equipment Sale we carry the most recognized and trusted brands that manufacture this equipment, and
we stand behind their superiority in quality and performance.
Throughout our years in the industry we have tested and examined a variety of devices and carefully
selected among the most reliable, durable, safe and easy to use during an unexpected event that can
threaten the life of passengers onboard vessels.  We take pride in mentioning that we only carry the
very best!
In addition to carrying a large selection of SCBA and EEBD options, which are available for delivery, our
expert team also offers servicing, testing and the annual examination that is required to guarantee
optimal condition of this equipment at the time of an emergency.  Our staff is available to come
onboard vessels at port or at sea, and conduct inspection as required by the OEMs instructions. At Louis
Marine Equipment Sale, we can either supply brand new equipment, or service the existing systems with
OEM parts for various brands and types of SCBAs and EEBDs.

Breathing Apparatus