Our Products


Our skilled and highly experienced technicians, and our entire staff at Louis Marine Equipment Sale are
certified and trained to conduct and provide a variety of services to ensure fire extinguishers are given
the proper maintenance and testing for optimal performance during an emergency.  Whether portable
or wheeled, we offer a large selection of extinguishers for sale, and for service and maintenance
including brands such as EVERSAFE.

Annual inspection and servicing of this equipment is required not only to meet the manufacturers
guidelines and other maritime entities regulations, but also to ensure the protection, durability and
proper functioning of such important assets at the time they are needed. We perform such services as:
We are equipped with loaner units in certain situations when work cant be completed on board, and
offer refilling services for our customers convenience. In addition to servicing this equipment we also
supply a wide selection of options to serve the marine industry including vessels such as cruise lines,
passenger ships, cargo ships, commercial vessels, freight vessels and mega yachts among others.